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From all over the world to Provence

In Provence, Nature takes on a particular significance. Through its grace and authenticity it imposes its own importance.

Nature overflows with precious essences like thyme, lavender and also olive. Since the dawn of time, they have been used for hygiene, well-being and beauty.

From its very beginnings, DMP has endeavoured to preserve this precious expertise. But why confine ourselves to our own environment when the entire world is bursting with wholesome plants, traditions and processes? DMP’s curiosity led it to travel the world searching for these rare practices and coveted plants, to integrate and assimilate them into their own products.

Today, we are proud to be genuine explorers of beauty and actively contribute to its preservation, offering our customers products that are made traditionally and designed to meet every expectation in terms of cosmetics.


From « Division Marketing Provence » to « Du Monde à la Provence »

In 1991, Didier CHAUSSEGROS create DMP (Division Marketing Provence).

Due to its Provençal origin, the company is based on regional food products and develops its activity under the name « Un coin de Provence ».

In 2005, DMP extends its activity to the natural cosmetics brand by developing its first hygiene and care brand "Chemins de Provence". Composed of soaps, shower gels, body lotions and bath salts, this range is perfumed with scents of Provence (lavender, honey, verbena, olive ... ) and draws on traditions to do its savon de Marseille.

In 2006, DMP then sold its first mark and thus abandons the food industry.

Then DMP extends and acquires its own cosmetics laboratory, becoming master of the origin and manufacture of the developed products and ranges.

In 2015, DMP becomes « Du Monde à la Provence » and renews its ranges names and packaging, and innovates.

We thus find the following variations:

- « Olivia » range: hygiene products with scents of Provence

- « Mina » range: with organic argan oil and orange blossom

- « Flora » range: with organic argan oil and rose

- « Alissa » range: with organic donkey milk and shea

- « Moana » range: with Monoi de Tahiti

- « Nihassa » range: with shea butter and cotton

- « Ayana » range: with everlasting flower and primrose oil

- « Gaïa » range: with grape seed oil, grape water & organic vine leaf extract

- A new gourmet range also born, the « Charlotte » range: with sweet and savory flavors.


Our ingredients and their benefits

Du Monde...À la Provence

Our roots have given us wings

Originally influenced by Provençal essences and traditions, DMP’s inspiration and expertise are now opened to the whole world. The company chose to broaden its field of investigation to include new horizons as it travelled and collected the best of Nature from the four corners of the Earth. Each range invites users to join our journey, sharing beauty secrets that often come from the other side of the world.

An insatiable curiosity

Every country, every region of the world has given life to practices, processes and combinations of rare essences that have become genuine magical formulas. Our explorer spirit stems from this, a spirit that encourages us to travel the planet hunting for new beauty secrets that we strive to reveal to the greatest number.

Ingredients from far away with home-grown expertise

DMP’s Provençal origins remain rooted in its DNA, reinterpreting traditional expertise to enhance the active ingredients discovered in the explored countries. DMP combines age-old craftsmanship with a modern vision in its Valensole laboratories, formulating products that unite Provence with the world.

At the very heart of Provence: an ancestral tradition

DMP is a family-run company entirely dedicated to the design and distribution of body care and beauty products. Established at the heart of Provence on the Valensole plateau, a few kilometres from Manosque, DMP is deeply attached to its environment. Here, Nature presents an incredible richness of plants, active ingredients and fragrances and also expertise, which have always been an endless source of inspiration when designing cosmetic formulas.

Because it’s good and organic, with natural active ingredients

Faithful to our ethics and proud of standing up for a responsible, eco-citizen approach, we develop paraben-free formulas with natural active ingredients which are for the most part organic. Our use of these exceptional active ingredients complies with current European regulations and best manufacturing practices. Our products also observe ethical guidelines from Europe, such as no animal testing.

Our Values

An authentic approach :

DMP’s primary motivation is to provide today’s women with the best of Nature which, in our opinion, is still the greatest source for beauty for those who know how to use it with respect. From bathing to cleansing, for the morning and the evening, DMP offers a range of products to meet the skin’s specific requirements, defending it from aggressions and offering the best protection throughout the day.

Innovation :

DMP Masks, a dose of well-being

Specially formulated according to the needs of the facial skin, DMP’s masks have patented active ingredients to make you beautiful everyday. Free from parabens and silicon, your skin will become more radiant. These masks will bring you well-being and serenity whenever you feel the need.

Masks to be beautiful at any time of the day

DMP produces a fabric mask soaked with a cosmetic solution. These single-use masks are great for applying just the right amount of product for each use.

DMP has developed an innovative solution to make your skin more beautiful day after day. These masks have been developed to moisturise & purify your skin, leaving your complexion radiant and glowing.

The soothing triple-layer mask is easy to apply and remove and perfectly moulds to your face. Sold in display boxes of 18 individual masks, they will always be at hand, at any time of day, and whatever the need.

Under the sign of the environment:


By adopting this new official logo, DMP wants to be more involved in an eco-citizen logic. On the one hand, the company strives to produce its assets and the packagings in the best conditions to preserve the environment. On the other, DMP invites its consumers to act responsibly by ensuring recycling packagings designed for this purpose. Together, each day, we can act for the planet.

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