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Some combinations are pure alchemy. DMP came up with the idea of combining the properties of argan oil with the bewitching fragrance of the Grasse rose.

Holders of the secret of argan oil

Since the dawn of time, Berber women have covered the skin of their young children with argan oil to protect them from skin infections. This precious oil helps fight dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

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Rich in Vitamin E, argan extract is an anti-oxidant. It softens and revitalises damaged and dry skin. With its enveloping texture, Flora shower gel quickly lathers in contact with the skin and is easily rinsed away leaving no greasy residue. The research department at Du Monde à la Provence chose organic argan extract for its extraordinary nourishing...

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Discover well-being with the triple-thickness fabric mask from Du Monde à la Provence! Specially formulated with natural active ingredients, this mask genuinely boosts hydration in 10 minutes. Made with:- nourishing organic argan oil- regenerating organic Muscat rose oil- toning rose blossom water- a powerful moisturising agent- a moisturising base...


In winter and summer, body milk is essential to keep skin moisturised and protected. The research department at Du Monde à la Provence combined natural active ingredients to make a bodymilk with exceptional properties. An energy concentrate, the combination of restorative argan oil and non-greasy grape seed oil, regenerating muscat rose oil and softening...

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Dry, rough and exposed to a great many aggressions, skin on the feet is often neglected. To sufficiently nourish and moisturise the skin, Du Monde à la Provence drew inspiration from nature. With a selection of active ingredients working in synergy, Flora foot cream’s formula leaves the skin soft and regenerated. The combination of organic argan oil,...

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Hand cream is essential to avoid dry skin. Du Monde à la Provence has combined a selection of natural active ingredients: nourishing organic argan oil, moisturising organic muscat rose oil, protective shea butter and soothing allantoin. With its generous and non-sticky texture, Flora hand cream is easily absorbed with no greasy residue. Its Rose fragrance...

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With anti-oxidant organic argan oil, protective shea butter, regenerative rose flower water and marine collagen, rose-fragranced Flora serum envelops the face’s sensitive skin in a layer of softness. Du Monde à la Provence has formulated this non-greasy liquid product to prepare your skin for your day cream. Light-reflecting pigments also help give your...

5,93€ 7,42€ -20%

A cocktail of energy to start the day well, Mina Day Cream offers your skin all the benefits of organic argan oil. Working in synergy with anti-age muscat rose oil, argan oil helps dry skin rediscover vitality and flexibility. The research department at Du Monde à la Provence rigorously formulated this everyday cream to help you feel more beautiful, every...

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Organic argan oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary for cellular regeneration. With a delicate rose fragrance, your skin is perfectly nourished and prepared for sleep. To optimise the restorative effects of the night cream, we recommend using Flora serum beforehand from Du Monde à la Provence.

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Micelles are small surfactant particles which capture and imprison impurities present on the skin. The micelles clean the face and eyes efficiently and remove traces of make-up. The research department at Du Monde à la Provence combined natural active ingredients in this formula: decongestant cornflower water, soothing rose water and organic argan...

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With its powerful revitalising, softening and toning properties, apricot oil is ideal for massages. Reinforced with anti-oxidant vitamin E, illuminating and softening wheat germ oil and nourishing organic argan oil, Flora massage oil provides for a relaxing massage, as your senses float away with the delicate Rose fragrance.

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